WeatherNation TVCasey Thompson is currently employed at WeatherNation TV as a Technical Director/Video Editor/Photographer.  He has done a several projects in the field and in house at WeatherNation, some of those examples can be found here.  Everything from on air live production, to post production packages on stories from the Solar eclipse of 2017 to Measuring snow fall amounts in Antarctica.

Since Casey has been working at WeatherNation, he has become an amateur storm chaser.  You can see some of his photos in the Gallery or check out some of his footage on his YouTube Channel.

One of Casey’s hobbies is playing Airsoft, capturing & editing the footage from the day.  Those are as well on his YouTube Channel.  All that practice of editing make him more proficient at his job on a day to day basis.

Casey is always eager to learn more and to learn something new.


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