Behind the boardCasey Thompson is a current graduate from Colorado Media School .  He is proficient in Audio and Video editing, camera operating, technical directing, and board operations. He also hosts and produces two shows on his school’s local radio station  As well as Technical direct, video edit and film for a student newscast production.

While going to Colorado media school he has been involved with film projects and radio shows, both of which he has been excited and passionate about.  This all started back when he was in high school and took broadcasting as a course.  He loved every minute of it back then and he loves every minute now.  Its definitely one of the best decisions he has ever made was going back to school for something he loves and passionate about.

Classmates and peers of his always look to him for advice on editing and other technical issues.  He has been given the nickname of “Chairman of the Board” by some of them.   He always tries to do his best on anything he works on, and he makes sure he sees it to the finish.

He is a Current graduate from Colorado Media School; Camera operator, video editor and technical director.

He is currently employed at WeatherNatation as a Technical Director.