Battalion 1944: A FPS Going Back To Its Roots

Finally a game where its not drowned by perks, how many prestige’s you’ve accomplished or how many weapon skins you can unlock.  Battalion 1944, developed by Bulkhead Interactive has gone back to how first person shooters should be played; purely skill based.


Bulkhead Interactive wanted to create a similar experience to early Metal of Honor and Call of Duty games, where game play is solely skill based and not unbalanced with unlocks.  However, there are unlocks for players including weapon engraving, insignia’s and character customization.   All of witch do not effect the game play.


I’ve been waiting for an FPS like this to come back and perhaps trump today’s Call of Duty (probably wont happen) but I think its a step in a good direction for future First Person Shooters.  Even executive producer of Bulkhead Interactive, Joe Brammer thinks its time to bring back a great WW2 shooter:

“It’s been a decade since we last saw a great WW2 First Person Shooter and I think the genre’s resurgence is long overdue. We’re focusing on community driven development. We want to work with passionate community of players who have a strong connection to the genre like we do.”

There is no release date yet for Battalion 1944 but you can help Bulkhead Interactive on their Kickstarter page.

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