Microsoft Annoucments for the Week of November 9th

  backward compatible  Microsoft announced this week, all of the backwards compatible games for the Xbox One. All of the games are going to be available on November 12th. If you digitally purchased a backwards

compatible game you can download it to your Xbox one. If you still have a disk version of a game you need to insert the disk and download it to your Xbox One.

   Some backwards compatible games are the Gears of War series, Assassin’s Creed 2, Borderlands and Rainbow six: Vegas.  And If you preordered Fallout 4 you get Fallout 3 that is backwards compatible for free. This is only an initial release of games and Microsoft is planning on releasing more backwards compatible games in the future. Get the full list of games like Fallout 3, on Major Nelson’s page.
   With backwards compatible games coming to the Xbox One on November 12th; Microsoft is updating a new user interface for the Xbox One on November 12th as well.  With this update Avatars from the Xbox 360 are going to have a lot more improvements and more interaction with the new Xbox One.  Customization of clothing style and items are back like you would expect.  Your Avatar will now show up in multiple location on the Xbox One including your profile, activity feed, game hubs and more.  

   With this update Microsoft is also improving the OneGuide.  The OneGuide now makes it easier to find something to watch with content you already own and providing content that you might not know about.  A new feature to the OneGuide is a preview into your video apps without having to actually going into the app itself.  Microsoft also made more improvements to things in the OneGuide including picture-in-picture to check TV listings and Live TV listings coming up instantly.

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