Why video games are awesome 

video-gamesSome people might question why video games exist, and might even say they’re a big waste of time. However that’s far from true.

Video games come in all sorts of shape and sizes. Games entertain us just as many movies entertain others. They tell a deep story that makes us feel something for the characters that we play. Solve problems that challenge a player. Connect with friends and other people from around the world on a common love for a particular game.

Everyone has a reason why they play whether it’s for making the time go by, to getting submerged into a story. Gamers spend countless hours on several games, to accomplish what? It could be a number of things.

Self-worth? Attaining a simple or complex goal? Good triumphing over evil? It varies from gamer to gamer weather they play for an hour a week or ten hours a day. The passion is still there for the game because it’s visually stimulating and the story leaves you wanting more.

If you’re doubting yourself, just pick up a game and get yourself immersed and lost into a world that is not your own.  Pick any from defeating an alien army on a different planet to building and constructing your own city making your own laws and budget.  Video games can have an impact on you that sticks with you throughout your life and has made an impact on the society as we know it today.

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